Having a website running without a hosting provider is impossible. These days, there are thousands of web hosting companies available, which choosing the most appropriate for your website may prove to be an uphill task. If you are searching for one, ensure you find one who offers the best feature sets, who are utmost compatible with industry standard software, the one who offers competitive rates, and provides the utmost technical support. However, we cross the bridge when we get there, and first, you need to understand the common types of hosting packages that you can pick for your website.

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4 Features to Expect in a Free Web Hosting Package

1.    The shared hosting services

As its name suggests, so it is. Many businesses share a common server which has been provided by the hosting provider. This is best suited for businesses that are only starting up, and those that are yet to realize huge traffic. This package is the cheapest of all, and any startup can start here and see their business grow online from scratch. Once they are comfortable and ready to upgrade, they can do so by picking higher packages. On the other hand, it has its fair share of drawbacks, in that the storage space and bandwidth is limited, and also if a user surpasses this, they, in turn, incur a cost.

2.    The managed WordPress hosting service

Also, as its name suggests, this type of hosting is mainly for WordPress websites. The best thing about this hosting is that is way faster than the generic shared hosting. The managed WordPress hosting package is considered more secure and has a better uptime score than any other hosting service. However, on the other hand, this type of service can be at times restrictive especially if your site is highly customized with plug-ins which are not supported by some hosting providers. Again, it comes way expensive than generic hosting services.

3.    The Dedicated hosting service

When the user purchases a dedicated hosting service from a company, they are essentially buying a server for their website. These servers are not in any way shared with other businesses. Dedicated servers are ideal for sites that frequently receive huge traffic. Also if your business website expects to receive huge traffic in future, then you may have to go for this package to be on the safe side. The only downside of this service is that it is more expensive than all hosting packages available today.