If you are a business person and you want to take your business online, you know that you need to have a website or a blog. Today, owning a website is pretty cheap and many people these days have theirs for their business. However, for you to launch one, you need the services of a domain hosting company or professional. However, it can be hard to choose the most appropriate for a site if you have little or no information about servers and what these professional do to websites. In this article, you will be brought up to speed on various packages they have and which one can be the most ideal for your website.

1.    VPS hosting

This is at times referred to as a hybrid option for domain hosting companies known as a virtual private server, sometimes VPS. It mimics the dedicated server. However, it is the shared hosting category. They are cheaper and ideal for small businesses that are gradually growing. This type of hosting is normally cheaper than the dedicated server package. The benefits of this kind of service are that you get both the same bandwidth and disk space that you would receive if you are using a dedicated server service. The drawbacks are that it can be expensive your site doesn’t yet have the traffic. Also, there are those providers who won’t provide you with all server resources for VPS. This, therefore, warrants one to carryout extensive research to know what a company is providing under this package.

2.    Cloud hosting

This kind of hosting is almost the same as VPS hosting. To that effect, most hosting companies have abandoned the name VPS hosting for cloud hosting. It is where the hosting is provided through many servers as opposed to just one server. This, therefore, allows for higher uptime rates for an e-business site and also, it shields the site against DDoS attacks that may try to overwhelm an e-business website with traffic and eventually to shut it down.

3.    The managed WordPress hosting

This type of hosting is meant for only WordPress websites and can be a bit faster than the shared generic hosting. Hosting is by far secure and has a high uptime rate as compared to generic hosting. Its drawbacks are that sometimes it can restrict users with highly customized WordPress sites and web pages since a provider may not support some plug-ins. Again the managed WordPress hosting is more expensive and might not be the right choice for you if you are only starting your e-commerce business.

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